Grizzly A-System

The GRIZZLY SNOW GRIP is one of the fastest and easiest systems that can be used universally as traction aid and snow chain.

GRIZZLY SNOW GRIP snow chain covers the complete tyre range of the respective rim groups. (Not suitable for aluminium rims). It is a snow chain which is approved and tested to § 37 Section 1 StVZO.

All GRIZZLY SNOW GRIP products have a quality guarantee of 36 months. In addition, for every chain set, there is a detailed installation instruction manual as well as a guarantee card and a certificate.

For the typeRim size
A10 (10 hole rim)22,5 inch
A10 (8 hole rim)22,5 inch
A08 (8 hole)19,5 inch
S08 (8 hole)17,5 inch (8 hole rim)
A06 (6 hole)17,5 inch (6 hole rim)


Step 1

Before the beginning of the season, the rim ring is placed into the rim flange where it remains until the end of the winter season. IMPORTANT: Before placing the rim ring, the rim flange has to be cleaned. Use the climping lever to press the rim ring together and place it into the rim flange.

Step 2

Subsequently turn until the protective bracket is located above the valve of the outer wheel. Push up the valve protection until it comes to rest on the inner rim fange. Use the clamping nut to spread the ring so that it is clamped in the rim flange with sufficient frictional connection.

Step 3

The clamping nut has to be tightened with about 60 Nm, and has to be secured with lock nuts on both sides. Retighten the rim ring again after about 100 km. In the process observe the correct fit of the ring (valve protection). Repeat this process whenever required as the rim ring will adapt to the shape of the rim flange.

Step 4

The chain strands are placed over the wheel individually. Use the hook to pull through the rim hole and to hang on to the inner tensioning hook. The other end hang on to the outer hook.

Step 5

Determine the chain length and potentially leave the other chain links out on the inner hook. In the lower area of the wheel, the chain strands placed from inside to outside through the rim holes. Tip: Start mounting the chains from the top.

Step 6

Use the plug-in crank to turn the chain strands only so much that they do not hang anymore. Do not tighten the chains! After some kilometres the seat of the chain has to be checked. Tip: Store chain sacks in the passenger footwell so that they are warm and dry for mounting.

Starting Aid

In most cases, three to five chain strands are sufficient. The GRIZZLY SNOW GRIP is an anti-skid device approved by the german Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) and complies with the requirements of § 37 para. 1 of the StVZO. Approval marks L 205
The simple Starting Aid includes 3 chain strands per tyre while the advanced needs 5 chain strands.

Snow chain

In case of compulsory use of chains, all strands have to be fitted. Fully mounted the GRIZZLY SNOW GRIP is a snow chain in keeping with Section 37, Paragraph (2) of the German Road Traffic Type Approval Law (StVZO). The chain is also approved for the transport of dangerous goods in keeping with the German Dangerous Substance Ordinance (GGVS)/ADR.
The maximum speed of 50 km/h must not be exceeded in keeping with the German Road Traffic Act (StVZO).

You search for highest quality at best price-performance-relationship?

… get best-adviced by GRIZZLY SNOW GRIP!
quick and easy mountable by preassembling the patented rim ring.
tire-independent compatible within your truck fleet
is conform to the guidelines of
§ 37 para. 2 of the StVZO
allowed for all
European countries
Patented rim ring
The patented rim ring is made of rust-proof stainless steel. This rim ring comes with a quality guarantee of 36 months.
The rim ring is preassembled in autumn and it remains in the rim throughout the winter.
Quick and easy to use

If required, the individual strands of the chain can be fitted very quickly. It is easy and simple to use, thus even an inexperienced driver takes only a few seconds to fit the individual strands of the chain. Installation of strands of the chain is possible even when the vehicle is stuck. There is no need to move the vehicle.

This guarantees better safety for the driver, the vehicle and cargo in the vehicle.

Efficiency / durability / price

The GRIZZLY system is extremely versatile and offers the highest efficiency and durability.

The Grizzly Snow Grip snow chain covers the entire tyre range of the respective rim group. (not suitable for aluminium wheel rims!)

The chains are high-tempered and specially case-hardened 8.2 mm edge chains that guarantee extremely high stability. If despite this, one of the strands of the chain breaks down, the system does not breakdown completely if the remaining strands of the chain are still functional. The defective strand can be replaced at a reasonable cost.

Furthermore, GRIZZLY SNOW GRIP makes safety totally affordable with its fair price. In case of a theft, the system is even covered in all vehicle insurances with part insurance cover.

Snow chain and traction aid

In most cases, the chain is used as a traction aid or as a traction assistance feature. For this, often 3 to 5 chain strands are enough.

The fully installed GRIZZLY SNOW GRIP is approved as per § 37 Section 2 of StVZO.

The system can be used even if one strand of the chain breaks down.