Run Track

RUN TRACK crampons are aimed at outdoor runners, who like to feel safe on snowy and icy terrains. Special jagged spikes provide for an aggressive grip, while a welded twist link chains ensures strength and durability.

A tight fit is guaranteed thanks to silicone rubber, which prevents move­ment and slippage from the sole of the footwear. The heel section is designed to help prevent skidding and ensures good stability even during descending or running downhill. The crampons are suitable for any type of running, from jogging to sprinting. Attachment is easy, and you can store them in a convenient belt case that features a cell phone and bottle pocket.
Größe: M (4.5 - 7.5) L (8 - 10.5) XL (11 - 14)
These crampons are not suitable for extreme mountaineering!